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Zalea Dold



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50x70 cm 

Original painting - Oil on Canvas

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Original painting will be rolled up and shipped in a tube if outside of the EU.

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 This painting is part of a series of woman from South Africa. This African beauty is called THANDI, which in Zulu means One Who Loves Deeply. She was inspired by my homeland, a reminder of a beautiful South Africa with a sad apartheid past.
THANDI personifies women who made something of themselves when everything else was against them. THANDI loves autumn, orange, big hair and statement earrings. She is passionate, strong, and a bit of a people pleaser. She suffered with rejection most of her life, but that only made her more determined to stand out. She's got pride, inner joy and a peacefulness that surrounds her wherever she goes. People love being around her, even though she is taller than a full-grown Dutch man. She loves a good beer, helping out at church and painting. She is the only one in the series of ladies that can actually paint! Because THANDI lost both her parents when she was seven, she quickly learned to be independent and self-sufficient. She is a teacher, has a perfect set of pearly whites, and she loves to tell dad jokes. For someone that was raped at age 11, the joy in her comes as a big surprise for those that know her story. Her laugh is contagious and sounds like Christmas bells. I am astounded at what she had to overcome to reach this point.

"Oh THANDI, your inner beauty surpasses my understanding. Teach me how to forgive".

This series tells the stories of a handful women, who indirectly represent women all over the world. I try to convey the story, personalities and character of these ladies, while also trying to inspire the viewer to search their true authentic self when they look into their eyes. What do you see in them? Can you guess their story? What is your first impression? Looks can be deceiving…And when you look closely, what you see in yourself? What is your story? What do you portray to the world?

And is it real?

(Reference photo by Oladimeji Odunsi)

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