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Zalea Dold



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 50x70 cm

Original painting - Oil on Canvas

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Original painting will be rolled up and shipped in a tube if outside of the EU.

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This painting is part of a series of women from South Africa.  Her name is LAYLA, which means ‘night’ or ‘dark’.  LAYLA is 45, but she tries her best to look 25. She got married very young, and is divorced now: alone, hurt, angry and bitter. Understandably so, as her husband cheated on her for years. She couldn’t leave because she did not earn an income. It took her 5 years to secretly get her degreeThe day of the ceremony, with only her close friends there to celebrate, she swore that no man would ever hurt her again. She found a job, and 2 months later she left her husband. LAYLA is doing very well for herself. She moved into a tiny apartment, got her boobs done, a bit of botox here and a bit of filler there – no one would ever know! Most weekends she goes to clubs and drinks her sorrows away. Her friends understand and support her. But they are getting tired of hearing the same stories over and over again. “He’s got another woman…he took her to meet his parents…he bought a new car…he doesn’t even contact me…” They struggle to understand why LAYLA tries so hard to keep hold of something that is not good for her. And LAYLA herself does not understand it. All she knows, is that her heart hurts so much. Her anger burns in her and her bitterness has made her hard. When she laughs, it is forced and loud. The attention from the younger men at the clubs makes her feel good. She sleeps with all of them. She knows it is sad. She knows. But it is better than nothing.  

“Oh LAYLA, I wish you could take off your filters of pain. I wish you could see you have a heavenly Husband that will always be faithful. New glasses will help you see your worth.”  

This series tells the stories of a handful women, who indirectly represent women all over the world. I try to convey the story, personalities and character of these ladies, while also trying to inspire the viewer to search their true authentic self when they look into their eyes. What do you see in them? Can you guess their story? What is your first impression? Looks can be deceiving…And when you look closely, what you see in yourself? What is your story? What do you portray to the world?

And is it real?

(Photo reference by Jason Hinrichsen)

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