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Zalea Dold



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50x70 cm

Original painting - Oil on Canvas

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Original painting will be rolled up and shipped in a tube if outside of the EU.

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This painting is part of a series of woman from South Africa. This beautiful lady is called FRIDA. She was inspired by Frida Kahlo's head adornments which for me signify her vibrant personality and artistry. FRIDA personifies a woman who loves travelling, fashion, and art. She is as cool as a cat and not scared to try new things. She does not take a joke very well...a bit serious, but she knows what she wants. FRIDA loves Amsterdam, city vibes and a spicy shiraz. Her favourite food is a salmon salad with mangos. She doesn't have a boyfriend and will only think about it when her cat dies. She is the epitome of confidence, loyalty and hay fever, and can speak French fluently, even though she is from Jo'burg and went to an all-girls English boarding school. Her parents expected only A's. She does not like carbs, craft or camping but give her two pieces of wood and she will make a fire without using a spark (I think that is her party trick). FRIDA can sell ice to Eskimos without batting a perfectly cured eyelash. But she can't take advice or a true compliment. She had bulimia for about 5 years, but when she decided that was enough, she stopped. Perfection is her weakness - the 'mannequin-model' look her ideal. She is her own worst enemy. Her best friend is a deaf Japanese girl, so FRIDA also learned sign-language from a young age. She will defend you even if you are wrong, and she does not mind lending you her Gucci bag and Christian Louboutin's. People love to talk about FRIDA because she looks like she has everything. I mean, she is beautiful, clever and rich! But deep inside FRIDA believes the lie that so many of us believe – that she is not good enough.

"Oh FRIDA, you are so complex because of your issues, but so needed in the world. I love your style and your Instagram account, your bank balance and your love for your friend. You taught me to say what I mean and mean what I say. Sometimes I wish I was as perfect as you, and other times I prefer having boobs."

This series tells the stories of a handful women, who indirectly represent women all over the world. I try to convey the story, personalities and character of these ladies, while also trying to inspire the viewer to search their true authentic self when they look into their eyes. What do you see in them? Can you guess their story? What is your first impression? Looks can be deceiving…And when you look closely, what you see in yourself? What is your story? What do you portray to the world?

And is it real?

(Reference photo by Nazar Strutynsky)

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