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Zalea Dold



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50x70 cm

Original painting - Oil on Canvas

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This painting is part of a series of woman from South Africa. ESMERELDA means ‘emerald’. EMERELDA represents the conservative Afrikaans women from South Africa, those who love tradition, those who inherit furniture from their grandmothers and display it with pride. Women who grew up in the Dutch Reformed church and never skip a service. They always have some form of baked good in their oven and their apron is a sign of importance. Their kids are well behaved, polite and squeaky clean when they sit down for family dinner every night. You will never say they played barefoot in the mud for hours that day. At least two courses are served with every meal. The main course will have rice, potatoes and bread on one plate. The meat will be plenty. And you better finish your plate! ESMERELDA’s mom was just like it... but she got breast cancer and passed away just before ESMERELDA turned 16. The whole town were at the funeral. And the church ladies stocked the family’s freezer with home-made casseroles – enough for weeks, so ESMERELDA’s father (suddenly very eligible) didn’t go hungry. It was a very sad day for ESMERELDA. Taking care of the family became her responsibility while her dad worked on the farm. ESMERELDA inherited her mom’s favorite necklace, but it was stolen when the farm was attacked late one evening. Her dad was tied up and shot, while ESMERELDA locked herself in the cupboard.

They took her virginity, the car, money, jewelry, her dad’s gun, and left him for dead. When it was safe, ESMERELDA phoned the ambulance. They came quickly. The police took 3 hours to reach the farm. They never found the culprits - a reality the victims of farm attacks must live with every day. Her dad survived, but he was never the same after that night. He sold the farm and never smiled again. ESMERELDA got HIV - another reality of many.

“Oh ESMERELDA, I can’t bring back your innocents, your mom or your father’s joy, but I can paint you with her necklace you never got to wear”.

This series tells the stories of a handful of women, who indirectly represent women all over the world. I try to convey the story, personalities and character of these ladies, while also trying to inspire the viewer to search their true authentic self when they look into their eyes. What do you see in them? Can you guess their story? What is your first impression? Looks can be deceiving…And when you look closely, what do you see in yourself? What is your story? What do you portray to the world?

And is it real? 

(Reference photo by Luke Braswell)


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