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Zalea Dold



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80x160 cm

Original painting - Oil on Canvas


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Jasmine grew up all over the world. Being the only child of a diplomat couple, she lived in about 6 countries and attended 9 schools by the age of 14. People notice Jasmine. She is very pretty. She is a bit naïve, quite the opposite of what you expect from a well-travelled and world-wise woman. She does not really know who she is, mostly because of the fact that she never stayed in the same place for over 18 months. The other day her friend invited her for some cake and tea. Jasmine don’t like cake. Or people for that matter, but she decided to go. Upon arrival, Jasmine got introduced to another family that was also invited…the wife was a highly skilled migrant accountant married to a stay at home dad. Only later she realized this husband looks way to familiar. Turns out he is an international rockstar. Jasmine almost choked on her cake. Not because of the rockstar, but because of the fact that her nerdy accountant friend apparently knows a rockstar. So weird. This got Jasmine thinking. If a rockstar, can be a stay-at-home dad, travelling the world, living in a country not his own, eating cake and drinking tea and meet new people on a daily basis, so can she. Jasmine suddenly started to feel a bit more normal. The depression started to lift and a bright orange burst of color nestled in her heart. Tonight she feels like dancing. She never thought saying yes to cake and tea can change her life. 

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